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We have been supporting dreams since 2000. We use sport, social skills and vocational training, homing and accommodation, subsistence horticulture, access to work contracts and social outreach projects as drivers for real positive change in our communities.

Oasis Reach For Your Dreams Programmes

The Oasis Vision

We strive to provide opportunities for the youth to escape criminality and gangsterism through our sports programmes, offer housing and reintegration services to the homeless, assist impoverished communities with our subsistence gardening projects, and provide a host of outreach projects to engage, enskill and integrate our communities.

Oasis committed to social upliftment programmes

Why we do what we do

27% of people in Cape Town are unemployed, 58% of Cape Town’s population falls below the poverty line and 25% of children aged 17 years and younger in South Africa have experienced some form of violent abuse.

Those statistics are shocking, and serve as our motivation of making a difference. We believe people need hope, opportunities, and resources. Not everyone can easily escape traumatised and broken families, unemployment and poverty, the path to criminality, gangsterism and imprisonment, and the escape that drugs offer without some form of support, and we try, with limited means, to assist the most vunerable members of our communities toward becoming more aware of and responsible for making wholesome life choices in the face of seemingly overwhelming hurdles.

Our beliefs & principles

  • Vision: To empower youth & adults to become self-sustaining dignified members of their communities.
  • Mission: To create opportunities for development through our sporting programs, training workshops and work opportunities.
  • Objective: To reach the youth and adults in our communities, creating alternative opportunities for positive growth.

We believe that we can only achieve our goals using a holistic approach: we integrate Prevention (football & sport), Reintegration (supportive housing), Empowerment (gardening & informal work), and Education (Upskilling & training) in our offerings and are therefore able to aid and assist a wider range of people with the support they need.

Our Founders & Team

Founded by "Uncle" Cliffy and "Aunthy" Anthia, the Oasis NPO is committed to making a difference by uplifting communities and fostering social values. They are at the heart of our operations and work tirelessly to uplift the overlooked and vunerable.

Clifford Martinus Founder Oasis

Clifford Martinus

Oasis Founder
Anthea Martinus Co-founder Oasis

Anthea Martinus

Oasis Co-Founder
Lezarndré Damons Head Administration Oasis

Lezarndré Damons

Head: Administration
Bongani Mathiso Head Coaching Oasis

Bongani Mathiso

Head: Coaching
Nick Phillips Head Finance Oasis

Nick Phillips

Head: Finance
Robin van Dieman Head Marketing Oasis

Robin van Dieman

Head: Marketing

Our Programmes

Each of the programmes we offer serves a distinct purpose and when combined together form a life journey our clients can embark on to lead to more fulfilling, meaningful and rewarding lives.

Oasis Sports Programme icon

Sport For Social Change

Through our homeless world cup trials, regular weekly street football matches, our association football club, and pre-league Football3 programme we encourage enthusiasm, gamemanship and self-discipline in our young participants, offering them pathways away from criminality, drugs and gangsterism.

Oasis Sports Programme icon

Homing & Reintegration

Our Supportive Housing offers a place for true change, establishing a sense of belonging and community to reintegrate our members into society and stop them from taking drugs.

Oasis Sports Programme icon

Gardens For Growth

Gardening and a job empower people to regain control and autonomy. We not only support our communities with the vegetables grown but also give jobs and responsibility to our members.

Oasis Sports Programme icon

Skills & Training

Through focused and organized skill lessons, we create perspectives and find the passion of everyone.

Help Us Send Our South African Team To Seoul

This year's Homeless World Cup is being played in Seoul, South Korea. We need your help to send our team and offer them a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Netflix released the movie "The Beautiful Game" in 2024. This film shows you what it means to our players.

Champion Our Team!


Words of gratitude and inspiration from some of those clients whose lives have been transformed through their journey with Oasis.

Telan Jacobs

U-16 football coach

Always have a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Kenneth Ayford


Change is possible!

Lezandre Damons


If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, be more, become more, then you are an excellent leader.

Goals Achieved


Football games and tournaments


People reintegrated


People upskilled


Players sent to HWC


Communities reached


UN SDGs goals

Fundraiser Campaigns

We always welcome your support in order to realize future projects and expand our service offerings into our communities. See how you can become part of our journey to help our vunerable communities reach for their dreams and help build a better world.

Homeless World Cup, Seoul, 2024

SA Homeless World Cup Team, 2024

Help to send a South African team to the 2024 HWC tournament in Seoul, South Korea

Frequently Asked Questions

The main goal of Oasis “Reach for Your Dreams” is to empower youth and adults from previously marginalized and disadvantaged communities to take control of their lives and become responsible, contributing members of their communities. Through various programs, including sports and life skills training, we strive to create alternative opportunities for positive growth and development.

Our programs are designed to support youth at risk and homeless individuals. Specific programs target different groups, including untrained, unemployed early school leavers between the ages of 16-35, children and young adults up to 35 years old, and those living on the streets or recovering from addiction.

At Oasis, we use sports, particularly football, as a tool for good. Programs like Oasis Street Football and the Homeless World Cup use the sport to teach life skills, personal development, and self-respect. Our sports programs also help participants to seek employment, return to school, or apply for tertiary education while promoting values like fair play, respect, gender equality, and conflict resolution.

Our Reintegration Program for the homeless offers accommodation, meals, and psycho-social support. Participants receive training in various skills to improve their employability and personal development, ultimately aiming to reintegrate them as self-empowered, income-earning members of their communities.

There are several ways to support or get involved with Oasis. Donations are always welcome and greatly needed to sustain our programs. Volunteers are also crucial for the delivery of our services. Additionally, you can help by spreading the word about our cause through social media or by participating in our fundraising events. For more details on how to contribute, please see the campaigns part of our Website.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions, thoughts or opinions regarding our organisation. Feedback is always valued and confidentiality is strictly endorsed. Your contact details will never be shared with 3rd parties or used for solicitation.


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