Sports Programmes

Through sports, and primarily soccer, we teach marginalised kids and young adults how to build an active, self-sufficient life.

We are teaching life skills such as fair play, respect, team-spirit and how to overcome challenges, all with a view to assisting them in making intelligent choices for a better future.

See our various sports programmes and get involved below:

The Oasis Football Club

Our OASIS Football Club provides after-school football coaching twice a week at the local soccer field for over 100 children. The kids play in an official league of SAFA Cape Town.

To be part of the club, parents or kids have to send in an application. OASIS prioritizes education through football. We incorporate teachings on life skills and health issues.

We also have a girls’ team inside our OASIS Football Club and welcome girls and young women who might become successful coaches, referees, administrators and so on.

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Football 3 After School Programme

Three halves, no refs: Football 3 is a different way to play. With a focus on fair play, equality, and teamwork, it empowers young people with the skills they need to flourish off the pitch.

OASIS After School Football 3 is a daily community after school programme: With this programme we aim to create safe places for children to play in the community. In mixed-gender teams, players collectively decide on the rules before each game and then reflect on their behaviour after each game – awarding points not only for goals scored, but also for acts of fair play.

Another important feature is that games are played without referees, encouraging the players to resolve conflicts themselves through dialogue and compromise.

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The 20/20 Street Soccer Programme

This is our intervention and encouragement programme for school drop outs. Through the tool of football, we create a sense of awareness, team spirit, non-violence, fair play and conflict management to school dropouts between the ages of 17-25.

As school drop outs, these youngsters tend to become unemployed, where they are then more prone to negative influences. We aim to encourage them to stay positive. The reward of being a lasting member of the 20/20 Street Soccer Program is being part of the South African Homeless Street Soccer (SAHSS) league. OASIS is also the official NGO in South Africa responsible for putting together a team to play annually at the Homeless World Cup tournament.

We aim to create football leagues of young people between 14 and 35 in twenty local communities by 2020. We have already initiated leagues in two communities, each with ten teams participating. Help us make this happen!

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L.I.F.E: Local Integrated Football Education Programme

At the end of every year in the buildup to World Aids Day on Dec 1st, we work with volunteers from the International Citizen Service based in the UK, targeting about 10 primary school students in the Cape Flats to raise awareness about the problem of HIV and AIDS.

Before they continue to higher education we teach them about choices, the danger of Aids, how to avoid it, and other social prevention skills. All of those teachings are combined with sports and activities.

We believe in learning through playful movement and activities. We end the L.I.F.E program with a soccer tournament ( our L.I.F.E finals), where all winners from all schools compete against each other to win the trophy.

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Football 3 Club VS. Club

OASIS facilitates this weekly football competition on the official soccer field of Grassy Park. Football 3 is a unique way of playing football based on the principle that the values of fair play, inclusion and respect are just as important as sporting prowess.

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Oasis Girls Netball Programme

OASIS is planning to run non-football focused sporting events to target more young girls. Our first programme aims to establish a netball club. As with all our programmes, we will incorporate life skills training into the netball training as well.

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Oasis Boxing Gym & Life Skills Porgramme

OASIS is an Alumni partner of Fight For Peace INTL, a global NGO that actively engages with marginalised individuals in Rio de Janeiro and London, offering boxing coaching and life skills. This program engages the same methodology as our other programmes, with the primary aim being to build life skills and personal development through sport.

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