The Oasis Pop Up Arena

OASIS has created the innovative, versatile and unique OASIS Pop-Up Arena – a mobile football arena which can be hired, transported and set up for communities, companies, families or even government.

With this arena, we are able to raise funds for our organisation through hire fees and sponsors, but most of all, we create jobs for our members. People involved in our programmes and often living at our site will organize the transportation and setting up of this arena wherever it goes. OASIS will also provide the branding and take care of the event organization for you.

The Pop Up Arena allows communities, families, companies and whoever else to hire a professional 16 x 22 metre football arena for any event.

The arena can be branded with a company’s name or with the banners of any other sponsoring partners. This will allow OASIS to generate a sustainable income whilst providing excellent advertising space for businesses with a strong social conscience and offering great teambuilding opportunities and entertainment for any function.

In future, we want to be able to create several arenas and send them out to different locations at the same time.Through doing so, we will be able to create more sustainable job opportunities for many of our residents and members. Become a Founding Partner and help fund the OASIS Pop-Up Arena.

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