Book or Sponsor the Oasis Pop Up Arena

With booking our Pop Up Arena you support OASIS in different ways:

a) Creating Jobs for OASIS members – by booking our arena your booking fee helps to build a sustainable way for our residents and clients to start a job with OASIS. Your booking fee goes into creating a branded arena and an income for our members.

b) Support this business idea – by sponsoring our OASIS Pop Up Arena, you are supporting us in growing this business idea. We want to be able to create several arenas and send them out to different locations. That way we are creating an ongoing job opportunity for our clients. Become a Founding Partner and fund our Pop Up Arena!

c) Become a main sponsor – by becoming our main sponsor we offer you annual exposure on our arena wherever we take it. You can also become main sponsor by adding your name to our arena for a to-be-specified amount of time. Your name will be exposed at every event we use the arena for. At the same time, you are funding an NPO which is great for your business’s CSR campaigns and building a socially responsible brand.

You can help by:

  • Hiring our services for your corporate functions (team building, communication skills, children’s parties, soccer leagues etc)

  • Sponsor a board (We can brand your company logo and give you mileage)

  • We need Astro turf for this mobile arena that can be transported to different areas

  • Invest in OASIS to help us purchase two or more arenas

  • Volunteer with us

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Help us Send a Team to the Homeless World Cup

The vision of the Homeless World Cup is to use the power of football to transform the lives of homeless people all over the world. And that vision is becoming a reality in 70 countries – involving hundreds of thousands of players since 2003.

54 teams from around the world play 350 fast-paced games for 7 trophies, supported by many thousands of fans. Help us send our South African team to this annual tournament!

You can help by:

  • Sponsoring team kit (tracksuits, tekkies, jackets, suits, playing attire and bags)

  • Contributing to travel and subsistence money for the team

  • Assisting with caterin for pre-tournament Team Camps

  • Volunteering to help us get Team SA to the tournament

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Be Part of the JS Community Cup

The JS Community Cup started in 2016 after the murder of 10-year-old Jayden Smith, who was shot and killed after getting caught in the crossfire of a gang fight in Parkwood. OASIS initiated this tournament to remember this tragedy but also to raise awareness of the various social ills that communities in the Cape Flats are facing. This program is open to children 12 years and younger only. We are hoping to expand this to many other communities.

You can help by:

  • Sponsoring the JS Cup

  • Adopting a school by funding their team (we are looking to expand this program)

  • Providing kit

  • Helping with the purchasing of paint, etc

  • We are in need of a portable Astro turf surface

  • Volunteering with us

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Support Oasis Football Club

The OASIS Football Club is an integral part of the work of OASIS. We play in the South African Football Association (SAFA CT) leagues and have eight divisions including a female team. Most of the players come from very challenging communities and we try to assist and encourage the players to stay in school and on the right track.

Players do not pay a membership fee – they are required to be participants in life skills programmes when offered at coaching sessions. We have seen six youths partake in the Festival 16 programme in France and we have one other player currently studying in the USA through OASIS Football Club.

You can help by:

  • Sponsoring the club and getting your company name exposed on the attire

  • Paying for the annual membership to SAFA CT

  • Helping with transport

  • Donating kit and tracksuits

  • Donating stationery for the children at school in the club

  • Volunteering with us

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3D Football Frenzy Tournament

Launched for the first time this year and supported by Stoke City FC from the UK and House of Paint & Décor from Cape Town, 3D Football Frenzy aims to bring all OASIS football components together at one fantastic event.

Those components are: Football 3, a game with three halves and no referee, but a mediator; we push the agenda of mixed gender playing as well as fair play; 11 vs. 11 club soccer where organized clubs play in the tournament, but applying Football 3 rules like respect and fair play; community street soccer, where children that play in our community activities are invited to join the 3D Football Frenzy.

You can help by:

  • Sponsoring the next 3D Frenzy

  • Helping feed the more than 300 participants over the course of the event

  • Providing staff to assist us with their time

  • Donating anything else you can

  • Volunteering with us

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